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puppy1.pngWhat To Expect:

We believe that when you bring your pet to our facility, you should expect nothing less than high quality care and great service.

Whether your pet is here for routine vaccinations or a serious medical problem, it will receive a thorough examination of all of its body systems. This is even more important for middle age and older pets, whereby some of the medical problems can be picked up early and appropriate management of those medical problems can be instituted. After a comprehensive examination, Dr. Singh may suggest x-rays, blood work, urine analysis or other appropriate tests.

All patients undergoing anesthesia for surgical or medical procedures are required to have blood work done, prior to surgery. The primary reason this is done is to evaluate their liver and kidney functions. These two organs are very important for handling anesthesia.  

Some medical and surgical conditions may require a Specialists intervention. We have a great working relationship with many Internal Medicine, Surgical, Opthalmology, Dermatology, Dental, and Radiology specialists to help provide the best care for your pets. So if needed, a referral will be provided after explaining your pets medical condition. 

You can be very helpful to our staff and Dr. Singh by providing an accurate medical history, including any unusual signs that you may have noticed.

Some of the most important symptoms to look for are:

  • excessive drinking or urination
  • weight loss
  • vomiting
  • loose stools
  • any unusual lumps or bumps